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Local Government Denmark (LGDK) selects solution from Schilling to manage their qualification foundations

LGDK's goal is to provide the best possible service so that they can respond to all applications within a very short time frame. At the same time, LGDK expects to have an efficient application review process because transactions will be automated to a very high degree. The system is accessible via the internet.


Schilling has a standard solution for the management of foundations, which is an important reason for LGDK's choice of Schilling. Another important factor is that the solution is well suited and can be implemented fast – despite LGDK's requirements for some changes to the system. Schilling and LGDK have a long history together of a stable and professional working relationship.


The qualification foundation solution includes:

  • Company search.
  • Reporting of company contributions in connection with employee reporting.
  • Applications for reimbursement.
  • Creation and maintenance of course lists and reporting.
  • Suggestion to create non-approved courses.
  • Payment of reimbursement to employees/companies.
  • Integration with nominal ledger module.


LGDK wants to implement a user-friendly solution quickly, ensuring fast and correct processing of applications from employees who apply for courses with a view to boost their qualifications.


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