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Schilling creates innovative and user-friendly solutions for the publishing industry together with In2media

Schilling has selected In2media as their business partner for the development of innovative and user-friendly digital solutions tailored to the publishing industry. In a rapidly changing market and in a world of tablets, smartphones and customised systems, we see an increase in expectations and demands among employees for user-friendly solutions that support their daily work and are easily accessible anytime and anywhere. As future business partner, In2media will help Schilling with their mission to make their publishing solutions even more attractive and user-friendly.


With our leading position in Scandinavia and 40 skilled and committed employees we have specialised in optimising publishers' business by streamlining the entire value chain in the publishing industry with a total solution of integrated software modules that support the publishing workflow including contracts, rights and royalty, product management, author relations, etc. All Schilling's publishing modules can be integrated with each other and with all other systems within a publishing organisation. They can also be used as individual, stand-alone modules.


One of Schilling's goals is to make complex work processes easy and user-friendly for the individual employee. This goes for those who use the system on a daily basis as well as those who only use the system periodically or for particular management information once a week or once a month. Schilling has therefore signed a cooperation agreement with In2media who will provide strategic consultancy and help with the development of Schilling 2.0 that will support digital market developments and the changes that are necessary to run a profitable publishing business. We have now embarked on our journey with In2media and our customers. We shall reach the end of the journey in a few years' time, but we will release a range of smaller modules along the way.

In2media are digital pioneers and have been front-runners when it comes to the introduction of new technologies. For the fourth time In2media has been awarded the rapid-growth company ("gazelle") prize and they have developed a range of renowned and prize-winning solutions, among others Danske Bank's solution for mobile payment that has revolutionised the way people transfer money to each other and which has so far been installed on a third of all smartphones in Denmark. In2media is also behind Danske Bank's ground-breaking online banking system that runs on all digital channels. Other successful solutions include apps for Pandora, Post Danmark, TDC, etc.

During the next couple of months Schilling and In2media will work together to develop a digital workspace which is the first step in the Schilling 2.0 project. Afterwards certain parts of the existing Schilling solution will be transformed with a new digital user interface. The solution will also be expanded with completely new work processes that meet the needs of the mobile employees of the future.


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