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Rights management is more complex than ever with all the new digital possibilities. Being in control of contracts and rights is vital for a publisher's income. How are you managing your rights?


Schilling Rights can help you. Our solution helps you find the relevant rights via predefined selections of countries, permissions, types, settlement frequency, etc.


Schilling Rights supports all steps in the acquisition process from the first negotiation to your own utilisations. The solution includes a very efficient contract generator that ensures the right quality and timely follow-up on agreements while at the same time saves time and manual work.


To ensure automatic follow-up on on-going activities of both buyers and sellers Schilling Rights ensures continuing progress in your negotiations and, by means of response codes, ensures that you are always in control.


You can download our product sheet here and read more about Schilling Rights:

Download product sheet about Schilling Rights

Schilling Rights is just one of our many solutions. You can read more about the Schilling rights management solution, the Schilling Author Portal, our finance management solution, and many other Schilling solutions by clicking here:
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If this sounds interesting, or if you still think it is all a bit overwhelming, you can contact us via this link:
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