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Program for SEPM 2013

Date: 21 November 2013
Time: 8.00 – 22.00
Place: Tycho Brahe Planetarium


8.00 - 9.00 Registration

9.00 - 9.20 Welcome by Schilling and moderator
At this year's Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting we will focus on publishing 2.0, where you are heading and where the industry is heading and how. We will take a look at new challenges and trends and the new opportunities it will bring with inspiration from across the world and other industries.


Kenneth Jes Juliussen, CEO, Schilling A/S

Tim Frank Andersen, Partner and Chairman,In2media -


9.20 - 10.50 Where are we heading in the transformation of publishing  

Love of literature and good stories is the driver behind Dotbooks that was founded in 2010 in Munich, Germany, by Beate Kuckertz.... Read more.


Nathan HullDigital Product Development Director, Penguin

Sarah MirschinkaSales and Marketing Director, dotbooks GmbH


All you can eat…

Watching TV has undergone a revolution in recent years – from a concept where broadcasters would decide what you could see and when you could it see it.... Read more.


Morten StrungeFounder, Mofibo


10.50 - 11.20 Pause


11.20 - 12.00 Panel discussion: Does “all you can eat” set a limit to all you can earn?
We will discuss the similarities and differences in the streaming and subscription models of TV, magazines, music – and now books. Streaming and subscription services provide.... Read more.


Casper Bengtson, Managing Director, Universal Music Denmark

Morten StrungeFounder, Mofibo

Nathan HullDigital Product Development Director, Penguin

Sarah MirschinkaSales and Marketing Director, dotbooks GmbH


12.00 - 13.00 Lunch break


13.00 - 14.00 Branding the basics
It is no secret that food is on top of everybody’s mind these days. Any newspaper or magazine is publishing articles and supplements about food.... Read more.


Claus Meyer, gastronomic entrepreneur and mindset challenger

14.00 - 14.30 It's about having a single and direct relationship with customers

Digitisation has paved the way for personalised solutions in many areas. CDs and albums are replaced by personal playlists. TV programs are.... Read more.


Charlie HarringtonDirector of Business Development, Knewton


14.30 - 15.00 Coffee break


15.00 - 16.00 That’s not publishing… or is it?

If you define publishing in a very traditional way, some of the companies you are going to meet at the end of the conference may not be publishers.... Read more.


Karsten Pers, Co-founder, and Abelone Glahn, Co-founder,

Joe HyrkinChief Executive Officer, Issuu

Bianka ReinhardtHead of International Business, Books on Demand GmbH


16.20 - 17.00 "We want to create a business model that blows up our current business model" 

Sounds like a cliché, doesn't it? Nevertheless, this is what Paul J LeBlanc is constantly trying to do in his attempt to reinvent higher education on-line.... Read more.


Dr Paul J. LeBlancPresident, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)


17.00 - 17.15 Summary and conclusion 

17.30 - 18.00 Arranged transport from Tycho Brahe Planetarium to the restaurant

18.00 - 22.00 Evening Dinner and networking at The Standard


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