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Catch up on SEPM 2013

Here you can see the exclusive interviews from the SEPM 2013. We are already in the progress of planning SEPM 2014 and we promise that the quality and relevance of the speakers will be as high as last year. Mark your calendar on 20 November 2014 and sign up now.


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Tim Frank Andersen, Partner and Chairman, In2media

Tim is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Denmark and he was the moderator at SEPM 2013.


Nathan Hull, Digital Product Development Director, Penguin

Is it possible at all for an old company with all its built-in analogue paper habits to transform to the digital age and make a success of it?


Sarah Mirschinka, Sales and Marketing Director, dotbooks GmbH

Sarah Mirschinka tells us where dotbooks are heading in the transformation of publishing and how the future looks for dotbooks.


Morten Strunge, Founder, Mofibo

Mofibo will serve us all we can eat on a subscription basis that looks a bit like for example Netflix. But are the preconditions for Mofibo's success basically the same as with Netflix?


Claus Meyer, gastronomic entrepreneur and mindset challenger

Claus Meyer tells us how Meyers managed to grow into a strong high-level brand in the food industry. Can publishers also create brand value around their names, imprints, and publishing lines with the same effect?


Charlie Harrington, Director of Business Development, Knewton

Charlie Harrington tells us about Knewton's philosophy behind personalised teaching and takes us through concrete solutions to demonstrate how personalised teaching can be dealt with.


Karsten Pers, Co-founder,, and Abelone Glahn, Co-founder,

That’s not publishing… or is it?


Joe Hyrkin, Chief Executive Officer, Issuu

That’s not publishing… or is it?


Bianka Reinhardt, Head of International Business, Books on Demand GmbH

That’s not publishing… or is it?


Dr Paul J. LeBlanc, President, Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University is attracting students like never before as a result of Paul J. LeBlanc and his team’s innovative approach to education.

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